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PhD Course Paper: Semi-Structured Interviewing: Female Entrepreneurs

PhD Course Paper: Semi-Structured Interviewing: Female Entrepreneurs

Presented within this pre-class assignment one stage one of your course paper covers the detailed research of lived experiences of female entrepreneurs, and their personal narratives and stories. The research questions facilitated in the experiment disclose the inner most thoughts, feelings, and emotions of female entrepreneurs in their journey. The specific questions outlined within this paper focus on the particular skills needed to achieve their entrepreneurial objectives and goals, as well as their underlying motivation for taking the action build a successful empire within their company. Additionally, the paper highlights the feminist perspective in terms of business ownership and entrepreneurship and the lens of prejudice or bias for possible lack of opportunities compared to the male counterparts. The subjects and participants within the study differ in their levels of education and backgrounds, however there are both fantastic examples and models for successful female entrepreneurship in 2021. Participant A is a 49-year-old, middle eastern female who hasn’t obtained her doctorate of dentistry with a specialty an orthodontics. This participant underwent an interview to gain a perspective into her background on the story, and life. Participant A is an entrepreneur and busines owner who has been in practice since 2002. I have decided to interview her to gain perspective in the female entrepreneur experience, and specifically to obtain perspective of business owners of a high educational status. Secondly, Participant B is a 34-year-old Caucasian, female attorney who is now certified as a professional coach. This participant also underwent an interview to obtain her lived experience and narrative of her journey and entrepreneurship and business. I have interviewed Participant B to provide a diversified outlook, and to gain valuable data from differing industries.


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