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PhD Course Paper: Quantitative Research: Feminine Entrepreneurial Systems

PhD Course Paper: Quantitative Research: Feminine Entrepreneurial Systems

In general, women entrepreneurs are motivated by different factors, when initiating their business venture, formulating their business routines, and establishing success in an entrepreneurial perspective. Female entrepreneurs are faced with challenges, along with any other entrepreneur, or male entrepreneurs, for example. However, specifically, women are faced with two distinct paths, a familial path or a business path, moreover, these paths may blend and blur together into a unique, less travelled path, such as a multi-role function.

When a woman decides to both manage having a family and motherhood, along with generating success in an established business, balance becomes of the essence. Without proper management, both the family and business may suffer. Although this balance is necessary, the proper levels of motivation, as well as probable diverse types of motivation become necessary to carry the weight of both ends. Women are often looked at as perfect multi-taskers, however with entrepreneurship, these tasks may become challenging to navigate.

            The research presented is a quantitative study with a purposeful sample of female entrepreneurs who have families and children, and an equal sample of female entrepreneurs who do not have families or children, who in addition, have started and maintained a business for a minimum of three years. The attributes of motivation are assessed and analyzed through a conceptual and theoretical basis. The information presented not only has the potential to add to the body of research on entrepreneurial success and characteristics of motivation, but also may provide practical insight into the attributes of this duality women face in managing a successful family and a successful business.


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