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PhD Course Paper: Post-Pandemic Corporate Social Responsibility

PhD Course Paper: Post-Pandemic Corporate Social Responsibility

In this final course paper, I will develop a unique social responsibility framework in relation to corporations and their social and moral responsibilities. This framework will use previous literature drawing upon the articles from Lessinger, Josephsons, Gentiles, O’Toole, Vogel, Buono, Sisodia, and other reputable authors within ethics and social responsibility. This social responsibility framework will be highly correlated with the idea of engagement, ethics, and sustainability because of the influence of this literature being previously researched by myself. This perspective will be diverse similar to the previous authors that have discussed this topic of the role of corporations and their social and moral responsibilities. I am choosing to create my own individual framework because in 2021 there are many differences in comparison to previous years, including the economic climate, the political environment, and the inclination towards a post pandemic world. Corporations do have an important social responsibility as they are institutions that wildly influence the population of not solely this country, but of the entire world. Corporations have a large amount of power and can use their influence to create lasting change in local communities and the greater society. Corporations and organizations in the United States are facing a crucible moment, a moment defining the aspirations, motivations, and search for meaning for all entities in this country. With the recent turmoil to shifting to a post-pandemic world, upward momentum of the economy, all-time highs in real estate and the stock market, organizations face a key moment to enhance their processes. Moreover, there is no inclination that this economic strength will cease in 2022. Organizations who have maintained their profitability, managed these uncertain changes with grace, and have taken care of their employees, have laid the foundation for surviving these VUCA moments. It takes an extremely well-developed organization to maintain this level of 2 POST-PANDEMIC CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY structure and stability. However, it takes an incredibility ethical, engaged, and robust organization to continue to maintain their good standing in the community by launching wonderful products and services to strive for lasting sustainability and change. For all these different levels and types of organizations, a modern framework must be developed to not only serve as a strategy for the ODC community, but a framework to restructure organizational social responsibility tactics in a postpandemic world. The authors who have previously written and research various perspectives and dimensions of social responsibility and ethics in corporations have included multiple vast and diverse approaches. However, there is a gap in the literature, describing a model that constitutes the previous framework with a new framework combining these ideas in addition to novel strategies. There is a lack of balance when it comes to profitability and social responsibility. The most profitable and wealthiest companies today; Amazon, Tesla, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Berkshire Hathaway, run by the most successful and wealthiest entrepreneurs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Tim Cook, and Warren Buffet, make up the world’s most reputable billionaires. Of course, these businesses, along with the pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer, make up the basis of what common social responsibility appears as in the modern day, coming to the end of 2021. These influential leaders have the skill and transformational power to guide this change and implement this framework into real change objectives for their companies. The next section of this paper reviews the most influential literature in the space of social responsibility and morality in organizations, followed by a descriptive strategy, and objectives of the novel Post-Pandemic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework, and lastly a reflective narrative to conclude the essay.


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