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PhD Course Paper: Diversity and Inclusion Strategies 2020-2024

PhD Course Paper: Diversity and Inclusion Strategies 2020-2024

After being appointed to the newly created advisory role in the president elect Joseph Biden’s administration, I must facilitate greater dialogue cross the country at all socioeconomic levels and across all groups, including the 70,000+ citizens who voted for President Trump or another candidate in the 2020 election. This includes those who did not vote at all. Furthermore, because he wants to move rapidly, Biden has requested that I prepare a detailed theory back to report outlining an approach to addressing the current divide in the country. He will support recommendations that are backed by scholarship and evidence. In this paper I will provide a report for my new employer outlining socio- cultural and inclusion strategies and actions to help the president bridge differences and move the country forward. This paper will be backed by Sorokin’s theory of social relationships, specifically within a government and politics setting. I will provide acknowledgement and theory to describe what is currently dividing our country, and then provide steps as a detailed solution to heal any disputes or greater trauma the country as endured. As discussed in Sorokin’s work, (Sorokin, 2010), politics are a part of one three cultures, where they compete to dominate the society. The political ideology, (a derivative of ideational, idealist, and sensate principles) of the current US situation has suffered a mix of violent struggles for power through many measures, including force. Sorokin stated, “hypocrisy, lying, cynicism, partiality, factionalism, carelessness about the truth and the lasting values” are the characteristics of modern political thought. Although political organizations tend to preach “open-mindedness”. “impartiality”, “scientific validity”, and “justice”, (Sorokin, 2010), they are almost quite the opposite from my perspective. 2 SOCIO-CULTURE AND INCLUSION IN THE USA For a political affiliated organization to truly be successful in 2021, they must take an approach that everyone can identify with to the root of their being. As mentioned briefly in Appiah’s text, our identity is engrained within culture and cosmopolitanism, (Appiah, 2005). Additionally, in Sorokin’s Social & Cultural Dynamics, we will take a deep dive into what these political social relationships consist of, as well as summarize his study of change in the relationship dynamics. If Biden’s administration is truly different, we must implement an entire socio-cultural shift in our political organization and processes, with a true system of “self-government for the people, by the people, and of the people”, (Sorokin, 2010). Creating distance from the lasting monarchical values, and autocracy of military, the rich, or physically powerful beings. And instead replacing with a highly scientific, moral, and rational organizations and members, (Sorokin, 2010). We must cultivate a society of liberty for all; human beings who are ultimately free to position themselves at any degree. However, this definition of freedom and justice in any society is subjective to that certain individual. A basic formula for freedom consists of means vs. wishes. The Idealist vs. Sensate mentality differs in that Idealist focuses on inner freedom of the mind and soul, as well as shrinking the desires and wishes, whereas Sensate focuses on the unlimited ability to do what one pleases, expanding one’s wishes and satisfaction. The Sensate class wants a free government, and in my position of socio-cultural and inclusion advisor, I see how these two sides play out in political classes and differences. Politics is made up of the system who governs the people, filled with power struggles, and corruption. Of course, one could aim to be “as-just-as-possible”, however it is clear to see while Biden’s administration can only attempt their best to be the administration to bring impartiality, 3 SOCIO-CULTURE AND INCLUSION IN THE USA harmony, and amalgamation to “the people”; this is still a political organization historically with a toxic organizational culture.


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